Posted: Jan 12, 2022 10:01 AMUpdated: Jan 14, 2022 10:01 AM

Crafty Candle Shoppe's Candles for Cause for January is Heart Matters

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Tom Davis
Inspired by a man walking in a bear suit therough Bartlesville, OK,  from California to New York in the heat of summer, The Crafty Candle Shoppe owners decided that much good can be done by creating and selling hand-crafted candles for charitable causes.
The owners of The Crafty Candle Shoppe are USMC Ret. Gy. Sgt Clifford Taylor and his wife and Master Chandler, Erin. Erin is an Ordained Minister and lover of all things flowers, having been in the event industry for over 35 years and has loved every minute of her journey.
Appearing on COMMUNTY CONNECTION, Erin said that 2020 certainly took it’s toll on her floral design business, and in the search for something creative to do, so, she started looking into making candles and quickly fell in love with the process.  And then she discovered wax melts.  Not just your ordinary melts, mind you - but BIG, oversized melts that look like and smell just like baked goods. She became OBSESSED!  Cliff caught the bug as well, and The Crafty Candle Shoppe was hatched!
When the Taylor's caught wind of Bear Sun, a content creator walking from coast to coast to raise awareness for a number causes, they invited him to dinner, but he also wanted to see their shoppe.  Bear Sun did a social media video from there and the Taylor's soon became swamped for days with orders. This is how "Candles for a Cause" came about.
This month's charitable cause is combating human trafficking. The Crafty Candle Shoppe asked around which charity could do the most in this fight locally. The answer from most was Heart Matters.
HeartMatters asks on their website, "You may be familiar with the term “human trafficking,” do you know all the forms it can take?"
HeartMatters says that knowing the different types of human trafficking can help your awareness and ability to identify and report trafficking in your community. The different forms of human trafficking include…
• Sex Trafficking
• Labor Trafficking
• Organ Trafficking  
Each form of human trafficking can be carried out in significantly different ways across various community settings. Traffickers may be exploiting victims through forced labor within construction sites or hospitality industries. Elsewhere, women and children may be victims of sex trafficking within hotels or illicit massage parlors and spas. 
Heart Matters will continue sharing information and resources in support of January- Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month. We invite you to share what you can, and help spread helpful information across the community! #HeartMattersOK #ExploitationPrevention"
The Crafty Candle Shoppe is located at 137 SE Washington Blvd, Bartlesville and at 203 S Osage Ave near the Family YMCA of Bartlesville. Website:

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