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Posted: Dec 03, 2021 12:43 PMUpdated: Dec 03, 2021 12:43 PM

Governor Stitt Files Lawsuit Over Vaccine Mandate

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Ty Loftis

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, along with Attorney General John O’Connor are bringing a lawsuit against President Joe Biden and his administration over what they are calling, “a pattern of federal overreach.” This lawsuit deals with vaccine mandates for military personnel and federal employees,

O’Connor is asking that a temporary restraining order or injunction be put in place to stop the mandate. Stitt had the following to say regarding the filing of the lawsuit:

“I will continue fighting to protect Oklahoma against this alarming pattern of unconstitutional federal outreach coming from the Biden administration.”

The Department of Defense has said Guardsmen have until June, 30th 2022 to get the vaccine. If they don’t comply, they could be at risk of losing their job.

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