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Posted: Dec 17, 2021 1:58 PMUpdated: Dec 17, 2021 3:34 PM

Despite TikTok Threat, BPS, Others Were Never in Danger

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Garrett Giles / Paul Higgs

Despite a viral TikTok threatening schools across America, there was never any danger locally.

Bartlesville High School (BHS) Assistant Principal Michael Harp spoke with our own Paul Higgs about student safety on Friday following the trending post on social media. Harp says there was never a direct threat to BHS or the Bartlesville Public School (BPS) district on the last day of school before Christmas Break.

When there is a serious threat, Harp would encourage people to reach out to the school, school administration and/or the police. He says the threat is then investigated immediately.

The TikTok post threatend school shootings and bombings. Harp asks parents to be vigilant when it comes to monitoring what students post and view on social media. He adds that they are fortunate enough to have a Student Resource Officer, Lobby Guard system at each school entrance at BHS, cameras and other security measures to keep students out of harm's way.

Bartlesville Public Schools is now off for the holidays and will return to school on Monday, Jan. 3.

No other schools in the listening area reported threats on Friday after the TikTok post.

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