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Posted: Dec 17, 2021 2:52 PMUpdated: Dec 17, 2021 2:52 PM

Alluwe Man to be Sentenced on Arson Charge

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Max Gross

An Alluwe man is set to be sentenced after reaching a plea deal on multiple charges last month. Roger Simmons was arrested in July on charges of fourth degree arson and domestic abuse assault and battery. It was announced in court last month that Simmons was entering a guilty plea in the matter.

Simmons is accused of burning clothes that belonged to his girlfriend’s sister. He then allegedly assaulted the woman as well. A minor child was present during the course of the entire incident.

The defendant appeared in court with attorney Mark Schantz on the status docket last month. It was announced that Simmons was willing to waive his right to a jury trial and that a plea agreement had been reached.

Simmons posted a $10,000 bond shortly after his arrest. He is set to return to court on January 18 for a sentencing date.


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