Washington County

Posted: Jan 06, 2022 2:15 PMUpdated: Jan 06, 2022 2:15 PM

Bartlesville Man Charged with DUI, Transporting Open Container

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Max Gross

A Bartlesville man picked up multiple charges for an alleged drinking and driving incident. Brandon Ribergaard appeared at the Washington County Courthouse on Thursday facing a felony count of driving under the influence as well as misdemeanor counts of transporting an open container and throwing litter from a vehicle.

Court documents allege that Ribergaard’s vehicle was pulled over on Sunset Boulevard in Bartlesville on Wednesday. The defendant allegedly threw a beer can out of the window of his vehicle before he came to a stop. Officers found a ‘Johnny Bootleggers’ liquor bottle that was within the defendant’s reach when he was driving the vehicle. The bottle had been previously opened.

Ribergaard entered a guilty plea on an actual physical control charge in 2015. His bond was set at $10,000 in this matter.


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