Posted: Jan 07, 2022 1:46 PMUpdated: Jan 07, 2022 2:06 PM

Caney Valley Schools See Bond Issue Projects Begin

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Garrett Giles

Bond issue projects are underway at both campuses for Caney Valley Public Schools in Ramona and Ochelata.

Superintendent Steve Cantrell says this would not have been possible without the support of their patrons. Cantrell says voters braved last February's polar vortex to pass over $12 million in bond issue items and projects. He says the community ensured that the school district is doing everything they can to take care of their kids.

Projects in this endeavor include the renovations of the school's field house and excavation for a new gymnasium in Ramona, and cafeteria work in Ochelata.

Cantrell says they have stripped the field house down to its bones to where they can start all over from within their shell. He says they will aim to create something great for their students.

Excavation has begun for the new gymnasium on the Ramona campus. Cantrell says they have ran into some anticipated issues on this front. Cantrell says the original high school, which burned to the ground in 1958, was pushed into a pit back in the day. He says a corner of the new gym is being built over that site, so they have to dig up old rock, dirt, brick and debris.

Crews will bring in some clean fill to plug up the hole in order to create a firm foundation for the gym from there. Cantrell says they have dug a hole that is approximately four-feet deep. He says they will dig up to nine-feet into the ground in certain places.

Cantrell says they hope to have the field house complete by the middle of July so they can move everything back into that space and utilize it for next fall's football season. He says they hope to have the gymnasium complete by the first of the New Year next year so they can use the facility by the end of the next basketball season.

At the Ochelata campus, they have started on the new cafeteria. Cantrell says they have been redirecting utility lines. He says the same company that is doing the excavation for the new school gym in Ramona will move to Ochelata when they are through.

Cantrell says a November 1 completion date on the cafeteria work is what they are hoping to accomplish. He says having the work complete around the first of the New Year is probably more feasible though.

A technology piece was included in the bond issue that was passed last spring. Cantrell says part of this includes the installation of interactive boards at the elementary school, which started over Christmas Break. He says they have order gaming computers for the high school so they can hop on the bandwagon for e-sports.

Plenty of schools are getting in the middle of the e-sports playing field. Cantrell says Caney Valley is fortunate to be in the forefront of this ever-growing activity. He says they are thrilled to give their students another platform to be involved with and buy into their school.

Cantrell says he saw some research that stated that 82-percent of students that are involved in e-gaming were not involved in extra-curricular activities before joining the gaming world. He says they want to target the kids that are not involved and give them some solid footing.

Securing buses is possible thanks to the passage of the bond issue. Cantrell says it is difficult to find buses time of the year, especially with all of the supply chain problems the country is facing presently. He says all they can do is wait for now.

Looking to the future, Cantrell says they are gradually growing in classroom size, so they have to seek expansion there. Cantrell says they need to supply basics for their fine arts. He says instruments and uniforms are needed for their band students.

When it comes to the agriculture education programs, Cantrell says they would like to add more classwork and laboratory facilities. On top of this, Cantrell says Caney Valley would love to increase their capacity to offer more STEM classes. He says that in turn will incorporate more lab opportunities.

Cantrell says Caney Valley is a great school system. He says they are proud of the products they are able to turn out in their students because they go on to do great things.

Caney Valley Public Schools' teachers and staff want to give their students the best experience they can give their kids while they are in school.

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