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Posted: Jan 14, 2022 10:26 AMUpdated: Jan 14, 2022 10:27 AM

Bartlesville Police Dept. Receives Bus from Phillips 66

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Garrett Giles

The Bartlesville Police Department receives a donation of a bus from Phillips 66.

Pictured left to right: Ann Oglesby with Phillips 66, BPD Captain Kelley Thomas, BPD Captain Kevin Ickleberry, and Mike Stewart with Phillips 66.

BPD Captain Jay Hastings says the bus will be used as a mobile command unit in the event that there is a major crime scene or major disaster in our local area. Hastings says the vehicle will be used to set up a mobile office or dispatch center utilized by BPD’s staff. He says the BPD will work on equipping the bus with radio and computer equipment through 2022.

The BPD currently does not have any mobile command units in its fleet. Capt. Hastings says they will have the ability to set up a mobile dispatch center as a backup in case their current dispatch center is disabled. He says the vehicle will also be used as mutual aid if the BPD needs to respond a team to any of its surrounding agencies/communities in the event of an emergency.

Capt. Hastings says they are fortunate to have a good working relationship with Phillips 66 and to be able to utilize this partnership to meet the agency’s local public safety community needs. He says the bus is a great addition to their current fleet of vehicles and is a much needed piece of equipment.

Photo courtesy: Bartlesville Police Department

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