Posted: Nov 04, 2022 10:25 AMUpdated: Nov 04, 2022 10:25 AM

Chelsie Wagoner for City Council Ward 2

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Tom Davis
Chelsie Wagoner is running against Loren Roszel for the open Ward 2 seat on the Bartlesville City Council after Paul Stuart. Appearing on COMMUNITY CONNECTION, Wagoner said she is running as a mom who seeks better transparency in city government and she asks the voters vote their values.
Wagoner says she is a full time mother and wife who is very fortunate to be able to contribute to her kids’ schooling, their sports and volunteer time. She wants to ensure that Bartlesville is the place where her children will raise their children.
Chelsie said her ability to serve has always been in her heart adding,"However, attending most Council meetings over the last year, my concerns of overreaching outside of local leader duties never subsided as a constituent. Deciding to run for the Ward 2 position was something I decided months ago. It is the very least I can do for my family and our neighbors."
Wagoner said she wants more transparency in local government. She said she doesn't think the lack of transparency  is intentional, just something that happens over time when governments are working to get thing done. 
She said she is running for City Council for our families and continues saying, "In a time of such uncertainty, we need stability. We need encouragement of unification, not division. I am running to be the voice that won’t cower but also inform and work for my potential constituents in the manner they deserve. 

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