Posted: Nov 04, 2022 1:56 PMUpdated: Nov 04, 2022 1:56 PM

Nominations for Outstanding Women in Aviation Sought

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Victoria Edwards

Three awards that are presented annually to Oklahoma women who make significant contributions to aviation and aerospace are open for nominations from now through November 18 for presentation in 2023. The awards are given out by the Oklahoma Airport Operators Association in partnership with the Oklahoma Chapter of the Ninety-Nines. The awards are open to all women who reside in the state of Oklahoma at the time of the nomination.

Nomination forms can be found at

Brief descriptions of the awards are below (full descriptions are available online with the nomination forms):

The Pearl Carter Scott General Avaiation Distinguished Service Award is given to a woman who is a trailblazer in the aviation and aerospace industry. The nominee must be a current professional within the industry and can be an instructor, examiner, commercial or general pilot. She must be an inspiration to women who are entring the aviation/aerospace field. The award is named for the youngest pilot in US history who took her first solo flighti in 1929 and who went on to be indcuted in the National Museum of American Indian at the Smithsonian.

The Geraldyn M. Cobb Military Aviation Distinguised Service Award is given to a woman who is or has been a military leader and who has dedicated her military career to aviation by holding position(s) as a pilot, mechanic, technician or other support position. The award is named for the woman who served with the Mercury 13 crew and who was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

The Shannon Lucid Aerospace Distinguished Service Award is given to a current aerospace professional who is advancing the mission of the industry through education, research, administration or promotion of female involvement. The award is named after a retired NASA astronaut who was served aboard the Mir space station in 1996 as a biochemist.

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