Posted: Jan 06, 2023 10:54 AMUpdated: Jan 06, 2023 10:58 AM

Brecheen Explains Vote

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Evan Fahrbach

21 Republicans in the U.S. House continue to vote against House Leader, Kevin McCarthy in his bid for Speaker of the House. 

Speaking on KWON, 2nd-district Congressman, Josh Brecheen says it’s not a war of politics but a war of understanding and how the House should conduct its business.               

Brecheen points to the continuous process of Omiibus spending bills and says Congress needs to do the right thing and conduct its business the right way.

Congressman Brecheen says he objects to the way house rules were set under previous spekers where no amendments to a bill could be offered and Congress somewhat ignored the rule of law.

Brecheen has voted so far for other house members including Jim Jordan, Jim Banks, and Kevin Hern in his effort to make Representative McCarthy pledge to make rule changes that will put the house back on the historic path of passing bills in regular order and allow amendments and debate on the issues.

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