Posted: Feb 03, 2023 9:33 AMUpdated: Feb 03, 2023 9:33 AM

Capitol Calls 2-3-23

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Tom Davis
Just days before Oklahoma state legislature convenes on Monday for this year's session, Senator Julie Daniels and Representative Judd Strom appeared on KWON's Capitol Call program sponsored by Phillips 66 on Friday.
Our panel was first asked about talk of sports gambling possibly coming to Oklahoma this session. Rep. Strom said, "There are bills out there. Rep. Lutrell from Ponca City dropped on the floor last year and it wasn't quite as popular as it is this time. He hadn't brought all the parties to the table to discuss it when he brought it out. But, we've had a year to go over it and he's gonna bring it back again. I think the Governor is open to the options. People already go over the border to do it."
Senator Daniels said,"All I've heard is that it is likely to be a big discussion among the house and the senate this year." She adds, "The legilsature decides if we'll expand to include sports gambling. It's not an executive desicion."    
Looking ahead to the session, Daniels plans to continue her work on transgender bills affecting minors and her government reform bills

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