Cherokee Nation

Posted: Mar 21, 2023 9:41 AMUpdated: Mar 21, 2023 9:43 AM

Wes Nofire Running for Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation

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Tom Davis
Wes Nofire is running for Principal Chief of Cherokee Nation in the June 3rd tribal general election election. He faces incumbent Prinicipal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Nofire is currently serving on the Cherokee Nation Council as a conservative voice for accountability and transparency. He continues to fight for the rights of Cherokee citizens to ensure that the spending process is transparent. 
“Growing up in rural OK, I learned from my parents that hard work is rewarded. I try to instill this principle into my 3 children," said Nofire.  He added, "When I see what is going on in Cherokee Nation with the money it makes that is not getting back to the people, I am inspired to work hard and fight for what is right for the citizens."
Nofire, who was previously a nationally ranked boxer, understands what it means to stand up and fight, even if doing it alone. His said that his experience as a councilor, and as a boxer, has given him the skills he needs to fight for citizens of Cherokee Nation.  A husband and father of three, Nofire said he understands the need to protect our rights and create a future where the next generation can thrive. 


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