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Posted: May 08, 2024 1:05 PMUpdated: May 08, 2024 1:06 PM

Portions of Pathfinder Closed Due to Storm Damage

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Nathan Thompson & Kelsey Walker

Portions of the Pathfinder Parkway running/walking trail are closed due to damage and safety concerns after Monday night’s storm.

Residents are asked to avoid the 2.5-mile portion of the path near Bartlesville High School, particularly from Quapaw Avenue south along the Caney River and southeast to Silver Lake Road, due to multiple downed trees and broken branches.

“There was heavy storm damage of the trees along the trail,” said Public Works Director Keith Henry. “This portion of the path is not safe to use.”

Crews will work to re-open the path as soon as possible, but it could be a few weeks due to ongoing cleanup efforts around the city.

“With this closure, there is no through access from the trailhead at Bartlesville High School to the east, and no through access from Quapaw south and southeast to Silver Lake Road,” Henry said.

“We’re asking people to use common sense in avoiding these areas with downed trees and broken limbs that could fall,” Henry said. “We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work toward getting this cleaned up.”

City staff are still evaluating other areas of the path, and additional closures may be made as necessary.

Photo courtesy City of Bartlesville

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