Posted: May 08, 2024 3:15 PMUpdated: May 08, 2024 3:15 PM

American Humane Society Assisting Barnsdall Residents

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Ty Loftis

One thing that tends to get lost in the shuffle of a storm of this magnitude is what can be done with your pets while the clean-up process is underway. The American Humane Society is currently in Barnsdall helping those in need with housing animals.


Dan Canfield, who works out of the Tulsa office, has brought a large trailer to house pets while their owners work to restore their fence or house.


Canfield went on to talk about the importance of preparing for not only yourself during a severe storm, but your animals as well.


The vehicle that the humane society brought is climate controlled with three air conditioners and 64 built in kennels to house animals. Canfield and his team is going house to house looking for any missing animals, but he can report that all animals are currently accounted for in Barnsdall. If any Barnsdall residents have a missing animal to report, they are asked to go find the American Humane Society trailer in downtown Barnsdall.

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