City of Hominy

Posted: May 20, 2024 3:01 PMUpdated: May 20, 2024 3:01 PM

Boil Order Remains in Effect for Hominy

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Ty Loftis

A boil order remains in place for Hominy residents. The Department of Environmental Quality was in town on Monday taking samples of the water. It is expected to take 48 hours to get test results back, but if they come back clean the boil order will be lifted. Chlorine levels are where DEQ requires that the City of Hominy be at this time.


In the bigger picture, the Osage Nation has given the City of Hominy a check for just over $110,000 to purchase a new system that will keep the town's water clean. In the meantime, families can continue to get drinking water at the Hominy Fire Department.

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