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Posted: Jan 03, 2022 7:11 PMUpdated: Jan 03, 2022 7:33 PM

Property in Dewey Transfers Over to Boys & Girls Club

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Garrett Giles

The Dewey City Council unanimously approves a resolution to transfer real estate by quit claim deed to the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville.

Pictured right is the boundary of the property transferred to the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville, which surrounds the OSU Extension Office in Dewey located near the high school.

City Manager Kevin Trease says they deeded the property surrounding the OSU Extension Office west of Dewey High School to the non-profit. Trease says he believes the new facility that the Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville plans to build will be located in the far northwest corner of the grounds. He says the group may start construction soon.

Trease says the City of Dewey was looking for properties to make this project possible approximately four or five years ago. He says this is the best possible location because kids will not have to travel far to get to the Boys & Girls Club facility.

Mayor Tom Hays says this will provide great opportunities for Dewey's children. He says the future is bright for the City of Dewey's youth.

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